God’s Great Timing

Many of you know we were unsure of our return-date to Honduras – as we left here in May. We knew we needed to settle Joel in college, visit MANY supporters, spend time with our kids, spend time with extended family … but we weren’t sure when to head back! We began to feel an urgency at the end of September and checked in with UWM to be sure it was OK with them for us to head back. We knew we needed to have our monthly support at a level that is viable for where we are. They understood our urgency and gave the approval.

kayak trip

We ended our time in the US with a very special weekend with Ellie, Becca and Joel for the college kids’ fall break. Wes, Abigail and I loaded up the van for the trek to PA one more time so we could leave the van in PA and fly out of Philly. We were privileged to see Aunt Peggy’s new house and have dinner with family two evenings on the way. We then had just enough time to pack a few extra bags and make it to the airport!

Arriving here, we picked up our car from the mechanic (miraculously finished the day we arrived!!), got our first round of groceries, and headed home. We found a few leaks that took some work to patch, roots in a bathroom (coming into the shower and toilet), and the water in our house was very dirty. JUST as the storm was getting started, a friend was able to help clean out the well, allowing us to clean the water system and have running water in the house again (after 2 days without).

If we had come back ANY later, we could not have been ready for this storm! If we had left the US any earlier, we would not have had that weekend with our kids or the time with the Hayes side of the family on the way to the airport!

We thank the Lord for ordering our steps!


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on October 27, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Praise God for his Timing!!

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